Nov 29, 2006

The insipid display continues

This is beginning to border on the absurd!! The inability to play pace bowling is now embarassing. The Indian bowlers did a fantastic job, but the batting was woeful. Zaheer and Kumble were on top of their game. Even Sreesanth showed he belongs at this level. The part-time spinners stepped up their game as well (now only if these part-time spinners, who are full-time batsmen, can do their primary jobs 1/2 as well as their secondary jobs, we'd be in good shape).

We so cannot do without Dravid. At least he can stay around and hold one end up. Sehwag and Tendulkar are just not cutting it. Kaif has not had a good game for a long time. Karthik has not shown anything yet, but I guess he is young and needs a chance. We sure are missing Yuvraj on this tour.

I hear this clamor for Ganguly and for VVS Laxman. Since the problem Indian batters are having has to do with pace and bounce, I am not sure how Ganguly is the answer. Have folks forgotten how uncomfortable he looks when the ball is coming up into his rib-cage? Do we think that South Africa have forgotten about that glaring weakness in Ganguly's batting in the year that he has been out? VVS Laxman might be a good bet. But I remember the look of total astonishment on his face when a screamer from Shoaib Akhtar took his stumps out, like a deer caught in the lights.

We need the 2 guys who are hurt - Dravid and Yuvraj. They have shown that they can place pace and bounce. I am afraid we are in big trouble without these guys.

I am looking forward to the Test series now, as long as Dravid can recover from his injury. A part of me wants to see how Ganguly will fare against Ntini, Nel and the like as they aim for his ribs. Who knows, the Ganguly of old might come out and then it will be fun.

Nov 28, 2006

India's debacle in South Africa

So far, it looks like a debacle. The warmup game was a disaster, and then the 2 matches so far have been sick. Other than Dravid (who is now hurt and out for the rest of the tournament) and Dhoni (who does not seem to be reliable yet), not one batsman even appeared to know what they were doing.

The batters seems to lack technique, and gumption. I hope and man am I hoping hard, they turn this around in the next match. It is easy to blame Chappell for this crap display, but the players really have to deliver. The bowlers are having some trouble as well. I mean how do you have SA down in the dumps and let Kemp and Hall take you apart?

Boy, do these guys have a tough road ahead. And the mood at home does not seem to be too forgiving these days. I guess that comes with the territory - they are the best paid cricketers in the world. And right now they are playing like schmucks.

CSI: Miami Episode 11/27/06

Well, I used to think that Bruckheimer does his research quite well. However, this latest episode of CSI: Miami had some silly errors. Makes one wonder if the writers/producers just were not jumping on this Iraq bandwagon, without much thought.

The whole idea seemed a bit out of whack. And the side plot seemed quite weird. The idea that someone would be arrested for murder in the United States, for accidentally shooting a Marine during a fire-fight, seems preposterous. The contractor who was arrested, accidentally shot the Marine, while under fire. That is a tragedy, but does not quite seem to be a murder. He left the scene - it is hardly the same as leaving the scene of an accident in the US, no? Totally ridiculous.

The side plot of the kid who the Marine recruiter labeled as a security risk. Well, the story makes him out to be of Iranian descent. The ID of the mother listed her nationality as Iranian, but her name was 'Lakshmi Batra. Batra is a populan Indian last name, and a Hindu one at that. Lakshmi is a name of a Hindu Goddess. There is no way an Iranian family will call their daughter after a Hindu Goddess. A 5 min research efffort on Google would have sufficed in finding that the name does not work for an Iranian. I am surprised at the shoddy research here.

Anyways, that is that. Comments are welcome.