Nov 28, 2006

CSI: Miami Episode 11/27/06

Well, I used to think that Bruckheimer does his research quite well. However, this latest episode of CSI: Miami had some silly errors. Makes one wonder if the writers/producers just were not jumping on this Iraq bandwagon, without much thought.

The whole idea seemed a bit out of whack. And the side plot seemed quite weird. The idea that someone would be arrested for murder in the United States, for accidentally shooting a Marine during a fire-fight, seems preposterous. The contractor who was arrested, accidentally shot the Marine, while under fire. That is a tragedy, but does not quite seem to be a murder. He left the scene - it is hardly the same as leaving the scene of an accident in the US, no? Totally ridiculous.

The side plot of the kid who the Marine recruiter labeled as a security risk. Well, the story makes him out to be of Iranian descent. The ID of the mother listed her nationality as Iranian, but her name was 'Lakshmi Batra. Batra is a populan Indian last name, and a Hindu one at that. Lakshmi is a name of a Hindu Goddess. There is no way an Iranian family will call their daughter after a Hindu Goddess. A 5 min research efffort on Google would have sufficed in finding that the name does not work for an Iranian. I am surprised at the shoddy research here.

Anyways, that is that. Comments are welcome.

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