Nov 28, 2006

India's debacle in South Africa

So far, it looks like a debacle. The warmup game was a disaster, and then the 2 matches so far have been sick. Other than Dravid (who is now hurt and out for the rest of the tournament) and Dhoni (who does not seem to be reliable yet), not one batsman even appeared to know what they were doing.

The batters seems to lack technique, and gumption. I hope and man am I hoping hard, they turn this around in the next match. It is easy to blame Chappell for this crap display, but the players really have to deliver. The bowlers are having some trouble as well. I mean how do you have SA down in the dumps and let Kemp and Hall take you apart?

Boy, do these guys have a tough road ahead. And the mood at home does not seem to be too forgiving these days. I guess that comes with the territory - they are the best paid cricketers in the world. And right now they are playing like schmucks.

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