Dec 20, 2006

Another example of lawyers run wild

Everyone has heard of the problems being seen with the Nintendo Wii. It is a heck of a game console, other than the propensity of the bands to break down. I am sure Nintendo wants to fix this and will be doing it. The market pressures will ensure that.

And in fact, Nintendo is already well on the way to take care of this issue. They are already shipped fatter straps on the new consoles, and have published details about how to replace the straps on their website!

However, our friendly helpful legal eagles at Green Welling LLP (note that this firm specializes in class-action suits, where traditionally the majority of the money goes to the firm and not the wronged) have jumped into the fray to protect the consumers and have filed a class-action lawsuit! If you are interested, more detail about the lawsuit is here.

Why file a suit over something that has already been addressed. And if it is because folks are breaking their TVs or hurting their elbows, or whatever, then that is not because of Nintendo, but because of user error! I for one am all for a video game console that actually forces you to move more than just your thumbs!! Heck, a couple of boxing matches on this, and you actually can skip the gym!

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