Dec 28, 2006

Ashes - It's Really All Over!!

A few weeks ago, I had talked about the Ashes being over as a real contest. It seems that the England team agree. The way they folded in the 4th Test, this after tons of chatter about pride and courage and character, shows that they really did not ever believe that they could play with Australia.

I am not surprised at the result - Australia winning the Ashes back, but the manner in which England folded was truly disappointing. I don't think this series really deserves the coverage that it gets.

Flintoff is completely over his head here. His comments after losing the 4th Test show no fight at all. Hardly inspiring stuff from the captain. I think he had a good tour of India, and winning that 3rd Test there to 1/2 the series was quite an achievement, but this tour has truly exposed his leadership.

I guess now the only bet there is left to make is whether England suffer a whitewash. The odds look in favor of that result. In fact, I think that is what is going to happen.

England can only look to the next series, which will be in England, and the Aussies will be without McGrath and Warne. That alone should give England some courage. And more than likely, Austrlia will be without Gilchrist, Ponting, Langer and Hayden. The new bunch of Australians batsmen and bowlers, though competent, do not look at dangerous as the present stars. And England look to have a great crew of young batters - guys with averages in the mid-40s and 50s (Peterson). So, on paper, England could win it all back next time - though that is on paper! And in 2 years, Clarke, Hussey, et al, might just establish themselves as word beaters.

Here is to history - and a Ashes whitewash!

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