Dec 25, 2006

Brilliant Move!!

The Indian team has decided to send Irfan Pathan back to India. This has got to be one of the best moves that I have seen then pull off. Pathan is a very good asset for India, especially in the 1-day matches. With his batting now improving every game, he is almost an all-rounder.

But, the man has got to take wickets, early in the innings. That is his strength - swinging the ball around when it is new. He and Sreesanth in the early overs, and then Zaheer and Munaf when the ball is a few overs old is what we need. With Pathan's batting, we can even afford 5 front-line bowlers, if Pathan can take some wickets.

So, getting him match practice is crucial, and like Dravid said, they cannot get him into matches on the tour.

What do you think about this move?

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