Dec 16, 2006

India Strikes Back!

Just when it looked like this tour of South Africa was going to be a complete, unmitigated disaster, India finally show some teeth. The 1st test has been fantastic so far. The batting was not too special, but Ganguly is making people, including me, eat humble pie.

In an earlier post, I had opined that Ganguly will not be able to handle the fast short pitched stuff that was going to come at him. He sure has handled it with a top score of 51 not out in the 1st innings. And he is still at it in the 2nd. He has not looked pretty all the time, but sure has been effective. Go Sourav! Let's see if Laxman can also justify his recall.

The bowling has been the 1 bright part of the tour for India, leading up to the Test matches. But, have they outdone themselves in the 1st innings here. Zaheer has truly been exceptional, and he is showing the way. Sreesanth, a bit of a hyper aggressive nut, is backing up his talk with the walk. Exceptional display by the bowlers.

I do not think the South Africans, who promised India hell with pace, really expected to be at the receiving end of a pace battery. But, you live by the sword, you die by it.

Now to bring this home. Need to close the door on the South Africans. The batting needs to put but a score where the lead is about 350, and then the bowlers need to carry on the carnage of the 1st innings! Go INDIA!!!!!

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