Dec 5, 2006

Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007

Is this just hype, or is this really going to have an impact on the ECM arena? That is a question that I have not been able to get my arms around. I have seen postings from folks around the Sharepoint server, and to be honest, most of them just seem to be more of a repetition of the Microsoft sales pitch.

I am interested in hearing from independent sources, folks who have looked at this technology in depth and have an opinion on the capabilities of this technology. How does it handle basic document management function, how well it is integrated with Office and how easy is it to make the user experience seamless, while still providing the robustness that a document management system needs to provide.

How does Microsoft handle workflows - simple and complex workflows that encompass 1 or more business processes. Does the workflow work if human points in the workflow want to get creative about how they handle their workflow tasks, etc.

What is the Records Management aspect of this look like? Is it relying on some 3rd party software to provide that functionality, or are we looking at something built into the system.

How hard is integration with this server, integrating other ECM platforms, as well as integrating structured data platforms and legacy systems.

Just some thoughts off the top of my head about this new Microsoft 'offering'.

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