Dec 30, 2006

The 'Old' India returns!

Well, well, well. India lose at Durban. Sounds just like the 'good old' days, no? The bowling did pretty well, especially Sreesanth. We sure do need to get Munaf back in for VRV Singh. VRV still has a ways to go.

In any case, we did not lose because of VRV, or any of the bowlers. We lost primarily because our batting did not stand up, and secondarily because Asad Rauf is a horrible umpire at best, and a cheat at worst. Dravid was NOT OUT both innings, and Sachin was not out in the 2nd. What the heck was Rauf thinking!?!

Having said that, I still maintain that the India batting is not up to par for a South African wicket. I am not just saying this, I thought so right after the super win in the 1st Test.

We really need to get Jaffer out of there, and get Gambhir in. Also, Ganguly isn't really doing much, after that 1 fifty in the 1st Test. Dravid needs a break from the umpires, and needs to think of his batting first. We need him more as a batsman, than as a captain. Tendulkar, well, he showed signs of coming alive, and that is a good thing. Dhoni showed he can fight, and play through pain. That was real positive for Indian batting in the 2nd Test. Sehwag needs to get a little rest, much like what Pathan is getting right now. I don't know who will open for Sehwag, and I sure hope the management does not think that Dravid should do that. That is not a good solution! Maybe we need to keep Jaffer and bring in Gambhir, and give Sehwag a 'rest'. Laxman is doing well, and being as consistent as anyone in this series.

Onto the 3rd Test. I hope the batting comes good, because the bowlers are doing their thing. And with Munaf Patel coming in for this match, there is a good chance that South Africa fail to break 250 in either innings.

Hopefully Rauf is not the umpire!!!

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