Jan 27, 2007

Prince George's County - Dangerous place to live and work

A recent incident in Prince George's county, a suburb of Washington DC, gives another example of what is not working there. PG county is on a fast development path, with jobs being created, and economic growth. However, the problem seems to be police!

There have been innumerable cases in the recent past where police have shot people, of excessive force used by the police, even to the point where the Feds deemed it necessary to investigate PG County's finest.

Now, we have this case of a supposed leader in the PG County police shooting 2 unarmed men delivering furniture at his house. The police officer, Keith Washington, is the #2 man in the county's homeland security office.

Not the 1st time this guy has been involved in incidents with the citizens who pay his salary. 2004 he was charged with a misdemeanor assault on a property manager at a homeowners meeting (which he was attending as a citizen, and not a cop). So, he has anger issues, at the very best. At worst, he is a nut, with a badge and a gun.

Oh, and in 2000, this same cop was involved in a suit where the courts awarded the plaintiff $260,000 because this beacon of public service arrested and strip searched the plaintiff who had protested about the treatment Keith Washington was handing out to another citizen who had been involved in a minor accident.

And what do we get from the police, but a statement that they are going to charge the guys who were shot for assault. What did they do, assault the bullets in a cop's gun? What a bloody joke!!

This cop is just a bad guy with a badge. Deserves to be arrested and jailed for attempted murder. Let's see if there is justice in Prince George's County, or not! There isn't smoke without a fire, and this idiot has been smoking for 6 years at least! I think that PG County needs to do the right thing and throw this guy in jail. The State's attorney started down the right path with his statement today that the 2 guys who were shot are no longer under arrest. So, now their families can go see them in the hospital.

Yes, they are still there, while the IDIOT COP, who was 'seriously injured' is back home taking phone calls from reports and saying he cannot talk to them because of the investigation!! What a load of crock!

Musharraf - What an ally!

The news continues to roll on in.

Here is another article about Musharraf's yeoman work!!

Jan 20, 2007

$1.2 Trillion - what can you get for it?

Here is a good article in the New York Times. Puts things in perspective -

Some highlights -

But, it would be un-patriotic to talk about this....no? So let's all get behind the 'surge'.

Jan 8, 2007

Bush - our fearless leader ...

.... in linguistics!

I love Bushisms. Some are funny, some a bit embarassing, some plain Stupid. I don't necessarily think that Bush is an idiot because he cannot get his words right (he, however, is an idiot :)).

Here are some top 'Bushisms' from 2006, as compiled by some website and reported on CNN.

I absolutely love the 2nd one - 'I use THE GOOGLE'!!