Dec 14, 2008

What Blackberry should do for Google Talk client

I was researching if there was a Google Talk client for the Blackberry, and there is. However, it only handles the text chat function. I read an article by Russell Shaw about why RIM will never provide a client that integrates the voice call capabilities of Google Talk. 

While I agree with Shaw that it does not make sense for RIM to tweak their cellular carrier partners, I think that there could be a happy medium here.

Here is what I think would work great for RIM, cellular carriers, and for users who want to have a full-blown Google Talk client for their Blackberries. 
  1. Build a client with all the capabilities of Google Talk - text chat, PC-PC voice chat, and what I believe will come sooner than later, a paid Gtalk - phone capability
  2. Then allow selective capabilities of this client, based on how you are connected
  3. Use the cellular radio for all data connections - email, browser, Gtalk text chat, etc when connected only over the GPRS/EDGE/EVDO signal
  4. But for devices that have Wi-Fi - when they are connected over the Wi-Fi, allow the full capabilities of the Gtalk client - voice calls, etc.
I think this would work great. You have to use the GPRS/EDGE/EVDO to make all you calls, and receive calls, even when roaming. But, when you are sitting in an office, home, hotel, hot-spot where you can get Wi-Fi, you can use your BB as a Gtalk voice client.

I would actually switch carriers to one that sells BB's with the ability to connect over Wi-Fi if this was possible. 

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  1. Hello,

    i have a blackberry bold and downloaded gtalk on it. however i dont have a data connection and was hoping to use it on the WiFi. However it gives me that a data connection is required. Is there any way of changing the setting of the gtalk client to work with Hotspot as i did with the browser.