Feb 4, 2009

Aussies cheat on!!

It seems to me that the Australian cricket team, lead by that brute - Ponting, continues to set the low standards in world cricket for sportsmanship. These guys are nothing but a bunch of bullies & cheats.

Last year, during the Indian tour of Australia, they cheated their way to a win in the Test match, and then continued that brutish behaviour through the series and the 1-day tournament (which they got soundly thrashed in).

Add to that the complete ass that Symonds has been making of himself, and you have a team that is out of control and unable to deal with that fact that they are no longer world-beaters. The Aussies thought that they would recover some of their lost lustre (after defeats in India and at the hands of the South Africans) by beating their cousins from NZ. But, alas, NZ has their number too.

So, now they resort to CHEATING!!

Here is a video of the incident as well - cheats at work! The replay clearly shows Haddin knock the bails off with his gloves, and the ball was never going to hit the stumps otherwise! CHEATS.

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