Feb 28, 2009

Prince George's County Police at it again

It seems to me that this is a story that keeps on going, new chapters added all the time. PG County police continue to show that they are just a bunch of incompetent thugs. First we had that idiot who was their 'Homeland Security' guy, who shot 2 delivery guys in his house. And there have been more chapters added to the story, but I just read about this new one today.

The Washington Post has an article about a  case against a citizen being dropped by the county. The case claimed that the poor fellow assaulted a police office. Turns out, the video in the police cruiser shows that was not the case, and it clearly shows that the police assaulted the driver. Add to that the 'culturally sensitive' office mocking the drivers Latino accent, and you have a couple of stellar represntatives of the PG County police department.

So, can some one  explain to me why this continues to happen in PG County, and why the cowardly county officials cannot stand up to the goons who claim to be serving the publicS? What does the police union think of this? Oh yeah, I know, they have a tough job, and they have to face danger all the time, etc. But, come on, slamming a hand-cuffed and pepper-sprayed guy against the car, and beating him about the head with a baton is a bit over  the top, don't you think?

Why did the FBI stop their oversight of the goon squad? I think it is time to bring that back on, and for starters they should fire the police chief. Then, throw these 2 jokers in the slammer.

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