Feb 17, 2009

The Shining Knight of English Cricket

Well, well, well. English cricket bosses at the ECB had embraced the millions offered up by Allen Stanford just recently. Buoyed by that infusion and the 20/20 for 20 game in the West Indies that the ECB greedily signed up the English cricket team for, they even announced an EPL to rival the IPL.

Just a few months later where are we - England lost in the 20/20 for 20 match, Stanford sat wives/girlfriends of England cricketers on his lap in the pavilion, showing his 'class' [I won't comment on the class of the 'ladies' involved], the EPL is history before it even started, and now Stanford is charged by the SEC for fraud!!

Now this idiot who runs the ECB, Giles Clarke, admits it was wrong to tie English cricket so closely with Stanford. What the fuck did they expect? This is what happens when you whore yourself for a few bucks, trying to keep up with the Joneses (really the Modi's). I really loved it when the English sniffed at the IPL like it was unholy. Then they whored themselves and their WAGs for Stanford, and now their top players are running at fast as they can to get into the IPL!! 

I think it is time for the ECB to cut its' losses, apologize to their fans, and get the hell away from Allen Stanford. And oh yeah, they need a new boss - Giles Clarke screwed this up royally, and needs to get the fired.

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