Feb 24, 2009

What are they trying to do - Kill off Test Cricket?

These days we have been having some intense Test matches. See the recent Test series between Australia/South Africa, Australia/India, India/England, West Indies/England. Great cricket, fierce competition, and results.

And then we get this farce between Sri Lanka/Pakistan. What the hell are the Pakistanis trying to do - kill off test cricket for good. Well, if this ridiculous stuff continues, why would anyone want to play in Pakistan - even if security improves? I mean, I for one, will not want to watch any match like the one going on right now. Hell, it is boring even to look at the scorecard the next morning on Cricinfo.

Come of Pakistan - get a clue!! Make wickets that give bowlers a chance!

This is so bloody awful. I am looking forward to the West Indies v England matches, and the India v NZ and of course the big one - South Africa v Australia [go SA]. I seriously doubt those are going to be similar to the crap being dished out in Karachi.

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