Mar 14, 2009

Why Kundra Should Resign

I have to start with saying that when I heard the news that Vivek Kundra had been appointed the Federal governments' CIO, I was thrilled. There were a couple reasons for that - 
  1. Kundra seemed to have 'seen the light' - and had adopted the concept of cloud computing
  2. Kundra brought a sense of cool to geekdom
  3. Kundra had been leveraging Google Apps (and I am a huge fan of Google Apps) to build out applications at great speed & tremendous savings
  4. He is an Indian-American.
Once I started to research some of what he had done, it sounded like maybe this was not that great right off the bat. However, I thought that this still looked like a brave move by Obama, and one with great potential. After all, Kundra had been successful in DC in building these cloud apps, and had put in place systems that promoted greater transparency, etc. So what if all he had done was run an organization with a budge of $70M and now would oversee a budget of $70B. I was reasonably sure he would make it. Maybe not be successful in all his efforts, but enough to make a difference.

So, I was thinking of way that clouds could be leveraged in the federal government systems that my company and my clients work on, and it seems to be a good thing.

Then, the new broke about the FBI raid on his old offices, which he was making his 'break-out' speech at FOSE. Yes, the FBI and every other alphabet soup out there is saying that Kundra was not connected to the raid, or the bribery scandal. But, think about it  a minute and see if Kundra still should be the national governments' CIO. As much as I hate to say this, I don't think he can.

Here is why - 
  1. These shenanigans were going on not in some outlying department, but RIGHT UNDER Kundra's nose, in the Office of the CTO. Brings up the question of his managerial ability.
  2. 1 of the claims to fame was the procurement system put in place, using Google products, which increase transparency. How good was that system that it did not catch this crap right in his own office
  3. Kundra says that he has implemented systems in DC that allow people within the government to talk more openly and collaborate more with their colleagues and the citizens they support. So how come NO ONE saw this fraud, and it was left to 1 man who decided not to participate in this fraud to go to the FBI and for the FBI to break this. The system was not really any good, was it? 
  4. If a $70M organization was too much for Kundra to oversee, how can he really look at the federal governments systems
  5. I am thinking that Kundra is really good with the buzz words, and with the concepts at a very very high level of using technology and web 2.0 to bring people together and increase government responsiveness/transparency, but in reality he doesn't really know how to implement.
  6. I think Kundra had a tough road to start with, but with this slam of not even being able to get it right in his own little office, I feel that rightly or wrongly he is tainted, and no longer can be the visionary and driving force to implement the ideas that he so eloquently spoke of at the FOSE speech.
Even before he gets going, Kundra is a lame duck, and so I think that he needs to pull out and resign from his new role. Save everyone the trouble, and let Obama get a new guy. Speaking of, what is the deal with the Obama guys and their complete ineptitude with screening their candidates for high profile jobs!! Come on guys, you were doing a better job in the damn campaign. Let's get it together!!

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  1. Kundra two years experience are even not enough to work in my small company as IT consultant. Crazy